UGG Australia Boots& Australia Leather

UGG Australia

I started with this brand. This is the American brand. Most of them are made in China or Vietnam. Of course, most UGGs in China are made by this brand. They are made by big factories. The quality is still very good. If this brand is In Ole’s words is relatively cheap, about 600-700, the counter will be 1000+, Australia direct mail domestic 1 double UGG is about 100-120, if you buy UGG Australia is lower than this price should be cautious .


This brand is native to Australia. There is also this brand of Boots in David Jones of Australia. It is said that the boots of this brand can be waterproof, but it is not a lot. It seems that this brand of children’s shoes is very embarrassing.

UGG since1974

This brand is also a local Australian brand, this brand should be very small, I saw his counter when I went to the gold coast, I think its price is not very cheap, I think the price is average.

Yellow earth ugg

This is a Melbourne brand, it seems that only Melbourne is available for sale, and I will go to the store when I go to Melbourne in November!

Jumbo UGG

I don’t know much about this brand, but many of his shoes are green. The triangular green label is made in Australia. The price is not very cheap. At present, I only saw this brand of shoes in the UGG collection store. Evaluation


Ozlana’s coat has been very hot recently. In fact, this coat is shipped from Shanghai, and DK is also, so I don’t know the quality. DK and Ever two stores I have not seen a physical store, basically all Chinese express delivery station, DK basic 300 RMB Ever about 400, anyway, the price is very cheap, Ever seems to have shoes this year have green labels Ozwear ugg I saw it sold here, but the hair is not EMU thick, 99 Australian dollars a pair, but still tell everyone a price!

UGG Australia Boots& Australia Leather

These two stores are also local in Australia, relatively small, I have seen it in the ugg of City, feel really thick, and basically these two brands are triangular green, the price is also 800- Around 900

If you want to buy UGG in Australia, you must buy a triangular green label! The green label is made locally in Australia. If you want to buy a good quality UGG, the basic price is not less than 1000 yuan! I hope everyone can buy their favorite UGG.